Budou Ebi (葡萄海老)

Budou Ebi (葡萄海老)

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“Budou” means “grape” in Japanese. The name resembles the eggs of the shrimp that appears like green grape. The skin of the shrimp will turn to deep red like the red grape when it is dead. Sometimes it has been named “Phantom Shrimp” dues to its mysterious existence; however, it is not easy at all to find this type of shrimp in the sea.

The best Budou Ebi can be found during the period of July and September in Rausu Town, a small village north of Hokkaido. Because of its rareness, it is not surprising that even most of Japanese have never seen or eaten this shrimp before. Due to its prestigious profile, the best way to eat is Sashimi so that the sweetness and fresh texture of the shrimp remain.

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