Bafun Uni (馬糞海胆)
Bafun Uni (馬糞海胆)

Bafun Uni (馬糞海胆)

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The Bafun Uni is famous for being the creamiest of all uni. It’s typically harvested from deeper waters, thus giving it a richer, more intense and deep flavour as compared to the Murasaki Uni. Bafun Uni melts in your mouth like ice cream and leaves a sweet, fragrant aftertaste of sweet seafood and the ocean. Texture wise, it’s light, gentle and almost custard like. 

It should always be kept chilled and to be consumed within 3 days.

Packing size: 250grams

Our Uni are Auction grade A Uni directly airflown from Toyosu Fish Market.
Product is delivered fresh. We do not keep Uni stock so that consumers will be able to enjoy the best quality uni in the comfort of their home.